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Feed Roll Corrugation

Feed Roll Recorrugation Consists of the Following

  • Feed rolls being removed from the roller mill
  • Rolls delivered to our facility where the complete assembly from the rolls, to shafts, keyways, bearings & pulleys will be inspected
  • Customer choice to remove pulleys from rolls, we have a 100 ton puller onsite to remove seized pulleys. Centers on the shaft cannot be damaged, please do not use conventional gear puller. If the centers are damaged centers will need to be repaired prior to any roll machining
  • Bearings do not need to be removed from the rolls
  • Roll bodies will be machined just below the depth of the previous corrugation to minimize roll diameter loss
  • Roll bodies will be corrugated to customer specification. 6 – 24 GPI to a sharp point or a land
  • Pulleys will be installed, rolls inspected, shipped / stored


the groves on the roll body “pull” the product between the rolls, where the product is cracked.  The force of the rolls does the cracking of the grain.  The larger diameter rolls rely less on the corrugation due to the progressive deep trough created by large diameter rolls ( 24” and higher ).  Smaller diameter  rolls, especially 9” rely heavily on the corrugation due to the shallow through.   For a dry product a sharp corrugation is recommended.  For a high moisture or steam injected product a land is recommended, this will minimize the high moisture product from getting stuck to the roll and being built up.  A corrugation of 6 – 24 GPI ( grooves per inch ) can only be done on Chillcast rolls.  Hollow rolls will be done at ½” – ⅜” spacing.

Chillcast Rolls / Centrifugal Cast Rolls

soft cast surrounded by hard cast ( 49 -53 rockwell ), 4140 shafts pressed / cast into rolls. The hard layer on the outside of the roll is aproximatelly 11/12” thick. Once the rolls are ⅞” smaller in diameter than new, it is not recommended to recorrugate further. When the hard cast layer is thin it can potentially flake off in large sections, leaving the rolls useless. The hard cast layer, cannot be repaired or replaced. These rolls are special order form world leading European suppliers, with an expected delivery of 3 – 4 months. We keep limited stock.

Hollow Rolls

these rolls are designed for roller mills with frames / bearings that cannot support the weight of solid cast rolls. Usually built of heavy wall pipe ( 0.718” – 1.031” wall thickness ). These rolls will not last as long as chill cast rolls and will not hold a sharp edge as long as the “chill cast rolls”. Rolls with a wall thickness of ¼” or less cannot be recorrugated. These rolls are fabricated as per customer specifications / requests. All of our fabricated rolls are machined to intereference fits, pressed together, then welded. This greatly minimize cracking of welds. Delivery 2 -3 weeks. We do not keep stock.

One Day Roll Service

We offer a one day turn around on roll recorrugation. Most rolls can be done in a regular shift. Larger rolls such 20”dia. X 42” long with a fine corrugation can take up to 13 hrs / set. This service must be booked in advance, machines will be allocated for your time slot.

Onsite Roll Change Out

a crew will come to your site, remove your feed rolls, inspect all components of your roller mill, transport rolls back to Lethbridge Industries, where allocated machines will begin machining rolls upon arrival. All needed bearings, belts, v-blocks ( cheek plates ), pulleys will be ordered. Rolls will then be transported back to your site, installed into your roller mill, set for rolling and tested. This is usually consists of 2 – 3 days, depending on distance of travel form Lethbridge Industries.

Feed Roll Corrugation Pricing

Any Rolls Over 20″ Diameter Must Be Ground
10" X 18" Hollow $350.00 - 550.00 / Set
11" X 12" Hollow $340.00 - 540.00 / Set
11" X 20" Hollow $420.00 - 620.00 / Set
16" X 24" Hollow $500.00 - 700.00 / Set
9" X 12" Chill Cast $450.00 - 670.00 / Set
9" X 30" Chill Cast $750.00 - 1000.00 / Set
9" X 36" Chill Cast $850.00 - 1150.00 / Set
9" X 55" Crumbler Set Chill Cast $1650.00 - 1800.00 / Set
12" X 30" Chill Cast $850.00 - 1100.00 / Set
12" X 36" Chill Cast $900.00 - 1150.00 / Set
12" X 72" Crumbler Set Chill Cast $3,120.00 - 3,450.00 / Set
16" X 30" Chill Cast $1,080.00 - 1,250.00 / Set
19.5" X 36" Chill Cast $1,400.00 - 1,600.00 / Set
20" X 42" Chill Cast $2,550.00 - 2,750.00 / Set
28" X 52" Chill Cast $6,000.00 / Set - $185 / HR
  • Prices based strictly on turning & corrugation of the roll bodies
  • Bearing / seal fit repair is extra
  • Welding of cracked rolls is extra
  • Centers in roll ends must be in good condition
  • Machining new centers is extra